New Boots

Madeleine played hooky from school yesterday morning and we went shopping for hiking boots.  A terrific tip from a friend took us to Decathlon, which is a huge sporting goods store.  My friend MJ (who walked the Camino two years ago) came along to lend advice and moral support.  Within minutes of arriving at the store, she tracked down a very knowledgeable Nederlander named Nathan to educate us on their selection of hiking boots.   It became very apparent that my size 11 feet plus my thick, heavy SmartWool hiking socks equaled shopping in the men’s aisle for boots.  Thankfully, the most comfortable boots also happened to be moderately attractive and in the medium price range. 

The first road test of the new boots came that afternoon.  The sides, heels, and toes feel great, but I definitely need more shock absorbance. Yesterday was the first day in several weeks of walking that I actually felt sore and tired – and we only walked 4K.  Definitely calls for gel inserts.

In the meantime, I need to think of a good name for my boots.  Maria suggested Hans and Frans (we are here to PUMP YOU UP!).  I thought maybe Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  But I want something a little more respectful, I think, given that these boots and I are going to travel a long way together.  Will give it some more thought.

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