Mercy & Grace
on the Camino de Santiago

“A story filled with humor and humility and a growing awareness of God working in and through us”

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About the Book

“Sometimes it’s doing the thing that terrifies you that really helps you grow.”

In the Spring of 2010, Cathleen Booth – an American living abroad in the Netherlands with her family – received an invitation from a friend to walk the Camino de Santiago. It was a crazy idea, given that Cathleen was a sedentary 40-year-old who weighed 300 pounds. With heart, humor, and humility, Mercy & Grace on the Camino de Santiago tells the story of Cathleen’s unlikely journey and shows how love – both earthly and divine – can truly heal a wounded soul.

About the Author

Cathleen Booth, 54, is a clinical mental health counselor. She frequently speaks in the community on mental health topics, and volunteers for the Rachel’s Vineyard Healing Retreat Ministry. Cathleen and her husband Christopher, an educator and playwright, live in Boise Idaho.

Everyone Has Such Kind Words To Say!

“I cannot emphasize enough what a gift this writing is. When you encounter Cathleen, you encounter a deep well of stillness, peace, and wisdom that feels like a hug for the soul. When reading through Mercy and Grace on the Camino de Santiago, I felt like I was journeying right alongside Cathleen and laughing along with the adventures that only come on a trek like the Camino. Cathleen received a gift from the Lord during her pilgrimage, and in her true generous fashion, she shares that gift with the reader. I shouldn’t be surprised that I feel God’s presence so deeply when reading Mercy and Grace – as a wife, mother, and counselor, Cathleen has a gift of healing others with her words. I believe Cathleen’s writing will help carry you, as well, considering we’re all pilgrims on this earth and sometimes just need to “keep putting one foot in front of the other.”

~Catherine Hadro~
Former Host, EWTN Pro-life Weekly

“I’ve read many accounts of pilgrimages but have never read a braver, more intimate account of a pilgrimage experience than this. Cathleen writes not only about hills climbed, meals eaten and churches entered, but about unhealed wounds that date back to her childhood and about self-loathing. Far from presenting herself as a saint-in-the-making complete with newly-minted halo, she turns her book into a confessional.”

~Jim Forest~
Author, “The Road to Emmaus: Pilgrimage as a Way of Life”

“Mercy and Grace is profound in spiritual symbolism from Cathleen’s early reference to what will become the title of this adventure, to the richness of character development set alongside theological truth. It is amazing that a mere 159 pages can so beautifully capture the essence of the human heart’s intuitive longing for love, acceptance, and intimacy with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is one of those books that leaves one completely satisfied at its moving conclusion. The epilogue is a powerful bonus leaving no loose ends. – The final words underscore the miraculous hope that is in Christ.”

~Teresa Lennox~

“A compelling account of the author’s pilgrimage to the burial place of St James. Cathleen’s honesty, self-awareness, and vulnerability allow us to accompany her on this journey, both physical and spiritual. A story filled with humor and humility and a growing awareness of God working in and through us.”

~K. Webb~

“Ultimately, this is a true story of courage underpinned by the unconditional love of a friend, a guardian angel in human form, to accomplish the unthinkable journey of faith. Never a dull moment and a very human experience!”

~Robbin Sawyer~

“Mercy and Grace on the Camino de Santiago will take you on a journey through Cathleen’s personal diary of walking a portion of Spain’s famed pilgrim Camino Frances. Mercy and grace show up in many forms as Cathleen’s stamina, self-perception and Spirit are challenged and enriched along the route. Be touched, amused, and inspired as you wend your way along Cathleen’s Camino path.”

~Sheila Wall~

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