Day 9

After taking a day off of training to run and play in Aachen, I am rather sluggish this morning and am prioritizing housecleaning over walking.  I have guests coming this afternoon, you see, and I’d hate for them to see my house in its normal state of clutter.  I pop up to the computer for just a sec (it’s always just a sec, you know) and as I log onto Facebook, a bird suddenly appears at my study window.  It was kind of grey and white and I suspect it was part of the family that lives in the eaves of our house.  I’ve become accustomed to the somewhat loud cooing noises that serve as background noise when I’m writing, but I’ve never actually seen them. Until this morning, that is.  A bird hovers in front of the window, in a hummingbird-esqe style, for about 20 seconds.  Odd.  Suddenly, an image of the Holy Spirit depicted as a dove flashes through my brain and I know instantly that I want – no need – to walk this morning, and let the rest of the day sort itself out.  I grab Madeleine’s iPod (mine was charging) and was out the door in less than three minutes.  I blast out six kilometers in a little over an hour. 

The highlight of my walk is listening to “Hey Ya”! by OutKast.  Granted, the lyrics are less than wholesome, but sakes alive that song makes you want to move!  Don’t tell anyone, but when no one is looking, I “shake it like a Polaroid Picture…” The sheep are not amused.

Thanks, Holy Spirit, for providing the nudge that I needed.  You make an incomparable Battle Buddy.

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Cathleen Booth


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