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Walking Days

Training Days

Days 11 – 13

Author’s note:  It is one of my great regrets that a couple of my training days did not get written about in a timely manner, and thus most of the details are lost to me.  However, pictures from those days remind me of wonderful walks with three more battle buddies...

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Day 14

My first training walk with Madeleine. The weather is less than desirable, but we don our raincoats and brave the wet afternoon. After all, I hear tell that it rains in Spain. We expect that the weather will mild, but wet while we’re walking. One website said that the...

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New Boots

Madeleine played hooky from school yesterday morning and we went shopping for hiking boots.  A terrific tip from a friend took us to Decathlon, which is a huge sporting goods store.  My friend MJ (who walked the Camino two years ago) came along to lend advice and...

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