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Training Days

Day 8

As my originally scheduled battle buddy is ill, I put out a call on Facebook for any local friends who might want to sub.  Luckily, my friend TMB volunteered.  Now, a little bit of background…TMB, who requested that I add her middle initial to avoid sounding like a...

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Day 9

After taking a day off of training to run and play in Aachen, I am rather sluggish this morning and am prioritizing housecleaning over walking.  I have guests coming this afternoon, you see, and I’d hate for them to see my house in its normal state of clutter.  I pop...

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Day 10

Training Day ten is a another walk with Battle Buddy MJ. I drop child number one off to a Confirmation retreat and take the other two kiddos to hang out at MJ’s house while we walked.  I want to get a good eight km walk in on this day, and luckily MJ was game.  She...

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