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Training Days

Day 5

Monday morning.  I officially have 3 weeks left to whip myself into something resembling shape before we fly to Spain.  I’m told that the U.S. Army assigns a “battle buddy” to every recruit on the first day of basic training.  You and this person are glued at the hips...

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Day 6

Ventured out by myself this morning and walked for 1 hour and 46 mins.  I covered 8.6 kilometers, which equals 5.3 miles.  I’m more tired today that I was yesterday, can definitely feel the exertion today.  Am stretching really well during my cool down and hydrating. ...

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Day 7

Walk #1:  4.37 kilometers in 1:03  A midday walk begins at my friend KW’s house in Brunssum, NL. KW is the spouse of an Air Force officer and is the mother of two boys.  She and I met through the Catholic women’s group on base where she struck me immediately as a warm...

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